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Chicago guide

The Chicago manual style of formatting documentations is bit complex than MLA or APA styles of formatting. The manual offers two types of approaches in documenting sources sited in your article. It has the notes system and the author/date system which is similar to the one used in APA style. Chicago writing manuals are found in your school library as well as on-line through various websites. It is recommended that you check with your instructor when required to use these style formatting for more detailed information on the best way to approach it. The author /date approach requires you to make sure the authors name and the date of cited publication should correspond with the inserted in-text parenthetical citation, inserted at the point of reference. You can get more information on the correct way of formatting in Chicago manual style from 14th edition of Chicago manual style.

The Spanishessays.org gives the difference in citation between the author/date approaches to that of note system approach. The author/date approach requires you to follow the parenthetical format while the notes approach requires you to follow superscripted numbers. The author/date in Chicago manual citation style is quite similar to the one used in APA style. Giving the date and the author’s name, which are important benchmarks, they denote the relevance and validity of your publication or article.

The website, Spanishessays.org states that, it is not a must to give your articles chapters, paragraphs and page numbers, but all parenthetical citation should be included with all cited materials. The Chicago style of citation requires the author/date citation to be included within the sentence. When citation is given at the end of the sentence, it should be given before the period. In case it is a quoted material, it should be placed between the period at the end of the sentence and the final quotation mark.

Specific rules of the Chicago manual style of writing are given as bellow at the Spanishessays.org.

  • Always use a space and not a coma to separate the authors name and the date of publications.
  • Use page numbers only when a part source or direct quotation is used
  • use footnotes and endnotes in case you need to provide further information especially regarding copyright permissions and ideas that are not well elaborated on in the paper.

Writing a Chicago manual style of a paper format is considered challenging as opposed to writing using other formatting styles. The style requires you to be familiar with the approach required in formatting your paper. The Spanishessays.org website gives you tips and samples of Chicago manual style. Writing Spanish  academic papers or papers intended for publication using the Chicago manual style requires writing discipline of high standards.  We believe your abilities in writing clear Chicago manual style of papers is critical for your success in school and future life. We at the Spanishessays.org believe that correct Chicago manual style essay writing will help you in improving your writing of articles and school grades.  Some writing tips from the website Spanishessays.org are given bellow.

  • We advocate that you spend your time in researching the topic of your writing. The topic of your writing determines how good your writing will be. A boring writing topic, complex or simple topic will affect the quality of your writing. Originality in your thinking is very important although sometimes it is very hard.
  • Consult your instructor for correct writing style, in order to avoid using wrong formatting of your paper at all times. The ideas in your paper may be well intended, but wrong formatting of the paper may make it look substandard, hence lowering your grade.
  • Let your thought and ideas flow in logical format. Clear and quality thought process while writing is very important.
  • Make drafts of your paper before writing the final paper. This will help you in proofreading and editing your paper.
  • Let your paper give your own voice, your readers need to hear you. Your communication style in the paper is very important. Use the correct language and grammar to avoid confusing and boring your readers.
  • The Spanishessays.org website has plagiarism check software that is free to all students registered with them. Always make sure not to plagiarize your work. When using other people ideas, always remember to site them correctly.
  • In case you are not sure of how to go about writing a credible and quality paper on your topic, make sure to check the sample section of the Spanishessays.org. Here you will find samples of all types of academic papers written and formatted in all styles of formatting including Chicago manual style of formatting.
  • If the topic of writing is given by your instructor, try to understand it first before embanking on your research. It is good to know what the topic expects of you. There is a marked difference in explaining something and mare stating of facts.
  • Remember always to start researching and writing your paper early. Visit our Spanishessays.org  for more tips on how to write a good Chicago manual style paper

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