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An essay is usually a composition that puts across a given idea. A 5 paragraph essay is an essay which comprises of five paragraphs, while a Spanish 5 paragraph essay is written by Spanish students as part of their coursework. This kind of an essay helps introduce students to the world of research and information presentation, which in turn nurtures their skills to carry out the tasks.

 A Spanish 5 paragraph essay has five paragraphs, starting with the introductory paragraph, which is the statement paragraph. It is where the writer makes the claim, i.e. declaring their stand on the issue they are to write on. The introductory paragraph is followed by three body paragraphs, which seek to support the writer’s argument, as stated in the first paragraph. It is where the writer uses the information they have gathered to support their claims, and to bring the reader into the light about the whole essay they are writing.

 The conclusion in a Spanish 5 paragraph essay sums up the whole essay. It revisits the main points of the essay in question, to try and give the reader an overview of the main points of the essay. It must be a weighty conclusion, to ensure that the purpose of the essay has been achieved. This helps to drive home the main points and give the reader something to remember and ponder about.

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