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Modern Bedroom Design

Modern bed ideas

The world today is fast and unbelievably exhausting. At the end of the day, people just want to come home and rest their hard worked bodies on a soft mattress in a bedroom that almost lulls them to sleep. However, as much as this is considered a basic need that only the fatigued would understand, not every one of them gets this need met. The ambience and overall feel of your bedroom greatly influence the quality of your rest.

Gone are the days when people simply threw a bed, a pair of bedside stands and a rag in a room and called it a bedroom. People are going overboard in creating a state of the art bedroom. With a few tips, you too will be in the right track.

1. Clean Crisp and Fresh

This seems to be the majority's favourite. Bright colored walls mostly white and grey with large windows allow more light into the room hence creating a relaxed feel. These colors are greatly known to make any room appear spacious, cleaner and more organized. This is a common theme with beach houses where people basically go to relax in. If your bedroom is small in size, choose to incorporate sophisticated lamp shades that illuminate more light to different directions in the room.

2. Animal Voyage

Animal print is a definite fashion statement in the modern day world. These are not only idolized in clothes but in bedrooms as well. It is mostly the case for a girls room. Butterflies and ponies no longer tickle their fancy. In this case, a classic zebra print with a blend of hot pink brings out the best in any girl's bedroom. The difference between this pink and the ordinary pink is that this is more sophisticated hence a preferred choice.

On the other hand, adults are also finding ways to incorporate animal prints in their bedrooms. In this case, leopard, snake and cheater prints are the way to go. You can choose to go for plain black bedding and have the pillows bear these prints. The beauty clearly comes to life is everything is plain colored but the soft furnishings done in the animal print design; the throw pillows, rug and even lamp shades.

3. A Gentleman's Den

Wondering how to make yours define your masculinity? Well here's a perfect idea for you. Gone are the days when beds were made in a predictable manner. You should definitely try out the nature theme. Have the bed crafted as if from rough planks/trunks of trees. Very rough as though the tree was dragged from the forest and into your bedroom but with a soft finishing on it. Available in stores are modern rugs made from animal skin in its raw form and kind of looks like an animal is laying flat on your floor. With this theme, aim at keeping it simple but cool. 2 or 3 nature inspired furniture or soft furnishing is enough. Finally, dilute this caveman's bedroom into a romantic den with some candle inspired lighting and soft bedding. What lady wouldn't like this?

Any modern bedroom design can work for you as long as you understand your taste and the rules of interior design. If you do not feel confident enough to take on this project, consider hiring a professional to perform magic on your behalf

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