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Golf Equipment Buying Guide

Golf equipments

Golfing as a sport isn't what it used to be. Unlike before, when it was simply a game of chance and manual estimation, there are modern day gadgets designed meant to make the sport more fun and accurate. Within a short period of time, golfing GPS devices have made way into the mainstream and become must haves for players. There are two main types of Golf GPS Devices in the market; the handheld GPS and the watch GPS. These are designed with an almost similar purpose but with clear differences in features and functions.

The main difference is that the hand held GPS was the first to be introduced to the market while the watch is an technological upgrade that is meant to replace the hand held type and take over golfing courses and clubs. It is believed that future GPS watches will be able to perform much more tasks as far as pro golfing is concerned. These two always seem to cause confusion during purchase. However, one thing is clear, they are designed to to help improve your skill and make the game more enjoyable. If beating your friends is what you're aiming for, owning this device is mandatory.

Advantages of Watch GPS as Opposed to a Handheld GPS Device

1. Portability

This has got to be the main thing that everyone thinks about when comparing these two devices. The watch weighs a lot more less and all you need to do is to slap it on your wrist and enjoy the rest of your day. On the other hand, a handheld GPS is bulkier and requires much more responsibility. You have to keep tabs on where you put it lest you misplace it. It also time wasting as you have to stop golfing to have a look at it every time you need to take a shot. With the hand held device, distraction is inevitable.

2. Simple Design

Technology is meant to make things easier. You need all your attention on the game when golfing. The last thing you need is a device that demands more of your attention to figure out or even operate. The GPS watches are made with a simple design that allows you to operate within minimal time. You get all the information that you need with a simple touch of the screen icons. Golfers are known to be stylish in their choice of attire so it may be important to state that the watch doesn't clash with their attire. The golfing GPS could easily pass as an ordinary watch.

3. Functionality

Since the watch is an upgrade of the handheld Golf GPS, it definitely has more features. With a modern GPS watch, the basic features that you can be assured of include; time, odometer, stop watch, shot distance tracking, scoring, video flyovers, statistic tracking and yardage information. Some of the high tech devices also allow you to upload the scoring and statistic to your web accounts . This way, you can have a look at your chart and assess your progress as well as that of other members in the golfing community. Depending on the manufacturer of the watch, you also might get advanced features such as a score card which may allow you to input the information using the touch screen without worrying about hitting other buttons. The watch may also feature flagged pin locations. Some watches are also able to connect with other smart devices such as tablets and smartphones.

4. Durability

If durability which further translates to value for your money is what you're looking for, a Golf GPS watch is an ideal choice. It has a longer lasting battery life compared to the GPS handheld device. Most handheld Golfing GPS devices shut down before you even get to the 12th hole hence creating inconveniences. Almost all modern GPS watches are water resistant. Should you happen to drop yours at the edge of a water hole, worry not. Simply pick it up and move on without worrying about any damage.

5. Course Database

Unlike handheld GPS devices, watches do not require you to manually input information about the resort or club where they are playing. These watches come pre loaded with a course database. Without even feeding information to the watch about the club or golf course, it will automatically pick up the location and all the necessary information that pertains to it. The watch will provide information about the front, center and back and greens in moments.

6. Cost Friendly

With technology sweeping over the globe, these watches are simply designed to replace the handheld GPS gadgets. They are still new to the market and the manufacturers are aiming at luring golfers who already own the handheld devices into making a switch to the watches. In this case, the prices are made attractive for the sole purpose of luring more golfers into making the much needed cross-over.

7. Software Compatibility

Just like other technologically advanced devices in the market, the golfing GPS watch is compatible with many other devices. However, the level of connectivity depends on the manufacturer and type of watch. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, go for a watch that is compatible with your gadgets for an even better experience.

8. Price

Different watches have varying price tags depending on their features and functions. However, your first focus should be on the features then the price. Some watches may incur additional charges in the future. If you have found the 'one', check whether it may incur additional charges over time. This may be through downloading course information or by keeping your score information updated. Although some devices charge additional annual or pre course fees on the courses, most golfing GPS watches do not.

Proof that the golfing GPS watches will take over successfully and completely replace handheld devices lays on the features. The already present features are attractive and aim at making golfers' experiences better. With time, these features will upgrade to match individual needs and preferences. This is a clear indication that the watch revolution is promising and successful in the current golfing community. If you weight the two options in devices and all that pertains to it, you will be inclined to choose the watch due to all the perks and benefits that come with it.

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