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Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller

Double jogging stroller

Are you looking for a stroller that can facilitate quality bonding time for you and your child while outdoors? This was me a month ago and this need sent me to a determined search for the best jogger stroller. With quite a wide selection out in the market, i was confused and even lost my focus a few times. I knew i'd found 'the one' when i landed on a Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller Review. I dug deeper for even more information that further convinced me that it would be the perfect partner for me and my son Israel. Comfort for my child was paramount so the assurance that i got for this helped make my decision and search a little bit easier. A few minutes after reading the manufacturers and users reviews on it, i knew that it was exactly what I was looking for. It's been 4 weeks since i got it and i'd recommend this piece of perfection to any parent. This stroller has a combination of features that anyone would ever want in a jogger stroller.

1. Comfortable Seat

The seat of this stroller measures 14" wide and 26" high from the back to the top of the canopy. The seat on the Baby Jogger City Elite is definitely designed with comfort in mind. It reclines to a near flat position with a one hand strap system which easily facilitates naps and diaper changes. The seat also comes with a retractable weather cover for your child's comfort and safety while you stroll. A child in a sitting position remains comfortable thanks to a raised kicker that can be raised even higher for smaller children. The higher it is the easier it is to access the under seat basket. This seat can accommodate a child of upto 9 years of age.

2. Huge Canopy

One of the most important features that you should consider when purchasing a jogger stroller is the size of the canopy. The City Elite stands as a giant among the rest thanks to its huge canopy that provides ample shade for the child. No matter how sunny it is, you can rest assured that this canopy will provide shade for your child which further adds to comfort. The three sided canopy has a peekaboo window that allows you to check on your baby without waking them up. The peekaboo window has a magnetic closure which is a lot more quiet unlike the common velcro feature that startles the baby and wakes them up.

3. Adjustable Handle Bar

City Elite really took into consideration the different user need when they designed the handle bars. These can be adjusted to accommodate different heights of the user. I'm rather short so the fact that i could lower the bar to my level really did it for me. In order to adjust the handle bar, this stroller is designed with two buttons on either side. These can adjust between 36"- 46" hence accommodating both short and taller parents. The handle bar has a hand operated parking break that keeps all the controls within reach.

4. Puncture Free Wheels

The City Walk stroller has 3 unique wheels that measure 12" each. Unlike the ordinary wheels that are filled with air, these ones are stuffed with a light weight foam. Punctures will no longer be a worry. This makes maneuvering the stroller easy and the added weight provides a steady ride when riding on rocky areas. The front wheel can be locked for when you enter rough terrain or when you go for a long distance strolling or when entering a rocky environment. The front wheel can also suspend to facilitate a smooth ride for the child. The wheels are removable with a simple push of a button when you need it to be more compact.

This jogger stroller is built for comfort and functionality hence a worthy purchase. This stroller has ample storage space for your items including a built in parent console that has three separate compartments. You can use this to hold some of your commonly used items such as a phone. The best part about it is that it can easily be transformed to a travel system. A pram can also be added to carry a long small children though this is sold separately. There also is a snack tray that has a cup holder and is easy to clean. When putting the child in, you only need to swing it open with a single push of a button on the side. All these gives you real value for your money.

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