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How Nurses Can Touch All Hearts to Make a Difference

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How Nurses Can Touch All Hearts to Make a Difference

Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors and other medical staff. Everyone sees them as the face of the comforting side of a hospital.

By showing empathy, kind gestures and encouragement nurses can make a difference to people lives and touch all hearts. There are times when nurses are in low spirits but they only require to do a small gesture, and it will make someone happy.

How Do Nurses Touch Hearts to Make A Difference For Patients

Showing compassion

Patients consider a kind and compassionate nurse to be an immense blessing. The main reason why nurses choose the career is to care for patients and a desire to help others. Nurses can make a huge difference in uplifting the mood of a patient by offering respectful, dignified treatment and listening to their complaints. Greeting someone with a smile is a small gesture but a nurse who makes it a habit could be the reason for making a patient happy.


A nurse who empathizes with patients treats them as ordinary persons and not a diagnosis or statistics. The act touches the hearts of patients as they feel safer and more human since someone cares about them when they are down. Nurses should know that to make a difference for patients; they should not view them as just client in a gown. That person is also a child, spouse, parent or grandfather to someone hence it is better to see the personality beyond the gown as it might strip someone of that important identity.

Responding to inquiries

Almost all patients have a level of fear. They have many questions but are unable to find the answers. Inability to know about everything that is happening to him and likely outcomes make patients nurses. A nurse can touch all hearts to make a difference in the lives of anxious patients by responding to their questions and explaining the complex medical procedures.

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How nurses touch hearts to make a difference for patient families

Touching the Lives of the Families

Nurses are in a unique position to change the lives of their patients but also those of their families. Some of how nurses can touch the lives of patients’ families are:

  • Explaining the medical condition of their relative
  • Offer them a chair, water or coffee if they have spent a long time watching over the patient
  • Escorting the elderly to lobby or pushing their wheelchair
  • Holding a baby for a mother to turn her attention to a patient

The gestures above might seem ordinary, but they mean a lot to families who are suffering alongside their patient. When a family gets kindness and generosity when going through such difficult moment it takes away some of their sadness; they will always remember the gesture.

How Nurses Can Touch All Hearts of Co-workers

Nurses can be kind to everyone but forget that their colleagues also go through a rough patch. It is a good gesture to help them when the tasks that they should take care of becoming overwhelming. It could be that you are not that busy but you fellow nurse is handling new admissions, and other patients are ringing the call bell asking for this or that. A kind gesture is to help your college by taking one of the tasks. You can help by settling a few of his or her patients to bed or attend to someone on the call bell. The rationale nurse will thank you enormously and step in for you when you have a crazy day.

You can also help then share with them information on patient care that will help them in performing their roles and encouraging them when they have personal problems such as a sick child.

It can be difficult for a busy nurse to help the patients and multiple families but when an opportunity presents itself, you should do it. It is these simple gestures that touch all hearts.

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