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Basic Medical Spanish Phrases

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Basic Medical Spanish Phrases

Spanish is the main and official language of Spain, Mexico as well as Central and South American countries except for Brazil. Many countries on other continents also speak the language. Spanish now has around 400 speakers around the world and only second to English. Chances are that English speaking nurses and other medical professionals will frequently attend to patients speaking this Spanish or work in a country that uses it as the official language.

It is not easy for a medical practitioner to work when surrounded by foreign language speakers especially when you have to ask for a patient to explain symptoms or when telling something to your colleagues.It is necessary to learn some basic phrases and terms that will make your experience easier.

Basic Medical Spanish Phrases for Common Clinical Cases

  • Rash- el salpullido
  • Pain- el dolor
  • Chills- los escalofríos
  • Cold - el resfriado
  • Infection- la infección
  • High blood pressure- altapresiónsanguínea
  • Bruise- el golpe
  • Cut- la cortada
  • Sprain- la torcedura
  • Broken bone-la fractura

These clinical equipment help to determine if the symptoms are severe or mild.

  • Medical Weighing Scale-EscalaMédica De Pesaje.
  • Stethoscope- Estetoscopio
  • Thermometer- Termómetro
  • Ophthalmoscope-Oftalmoscopio
  • Blood pressure monitor - Monitor de presión arterial

Basic Medical Spanish Phrases on Treatment Aids And Methods

  • Dressing scissors- Tijeras de vestir
  • Bandage- Vendaje
  • Syringe and needle- Jeringa y aguja
  • Injection-la inyección
  • Ice pack- la bolsa de hielo
  • Cast -el enyesado
  • Crutch-lamuleta
  • Sling- el soporte
  • Heating pad- la toallacalentadora
  • Bed rest-descanso en cama
  • Surgery- la cirugía
  • Tienefiebre?-Do you have a fever?
  • Tengonáuseas.-I feel nauseous.
  • Tengoalergia.-I have an allergy.
  • Tengodiarrea.- have diarrhea.
  • Tengomigraña.-I have a migraine


  • Medicine - la medicina
  • Tablet- la tableta
  • Pill- la píldora
  • Capsule - la cápsula
  • Ointment- el ungüento

Basic Medical Spanish Phrases during Conversation With Patients

  • Hello, I am your nurse/doctor.My name is -----------
  • Hola, Soy tuenfermera / doctor. Minombrees
  • Are you in pain?-Tiene dolor?
  • Can you show me where it pains?-Puedesmostrarmedondeduele
  • How bad is the pain?-dígamequé tan maloessu dolor?
  • Please stand on the weighing scale- Póngase de pie en la balanza
  • I will take blood pressure and temperature -Tomarépresión arterial y temperatura
  • I will take some blood for test-Tomaréalgo de sangre para la prueba
  • I will clean and dress your wound- Voy a limpiar y vestirtuherida
  • Are you taking any medicine? -Estastomandomedicina
  • I will use a catheter -Utilizaré un catéter/li>
  • Are you allergic to some medicine?-¿Esustedalérgicoaalgúnmedicamento?
  • Do you feel dizziness or nausea- Sientemareos o náuseas?
  • Do you have breathing difficulties- Tienedificultadesrespiratorias?
  • Do you have fever?- Tienesfiebre?
  • A doctor will soon examine you.-Un doctor pronto lo examinará
  • Please wear an examination gown.- Por favor use unabata de examen
  • Please lie on the examination table.- Por favor, recuéstese en la mesa de examen
  • You need immediate admission.- Necesitaadmisióninmediata
  • Do not eat or drink anything before the doctor allows it.
  • No coma nibeba nada antes de que el médico lo permita
  • Avoid alcohol when taking this medicine.- Evite el alcohol cuandoestétomandoestemedicamento
  • Have you understood?- Lo has entendido?

Basic Medical Spanish Phrases on Hospital Areas

  • Entrance- la entrada
  • Exit- la salida
  • Emergency room-la sala de emergencia
  • Waiting room- Sala de espera
  • Doctor's office- el consultorio
  • Hospital room- cuarto de hospital
  • Recovery room- la sala de recuperación
  • Maternity ward-la sala de maternidad
  • Intensive care- la sala de cuidadosintensivos
  • Operating room-cuarto de operaciones
  • Laboratory-ellaboratorio
  • Pharmacy-lafarmacia

It is necessary to learn all the medical Spanish phrases in common use in a healthcare environment. Listen carefully to the correct pronunciation by native speakers.

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